You are asking yourself questions, and it’s normal, because you are gonna be out from civilization for one night.
But before you get stressed, consult the main questions asked, and their lightening answers.

Are the cabins equiped with water and electricity ?

No, Cabins are not equiped with water and electricity to offer you a total disorientation. Nevertheless, there some dry toilets in the cabins. But don’t worry, if you want to be pretty for your lover, a bathroom is available at the domain’s entrance (Italian shower, Bowl, Mirror…).

Can we park the car close to the domain ?

Yes, a parking is at your disposal inside the property close to your cabin.

Is there a restaurant on the domain ?

Of course not my dear, you’re in a forest ! But we propose you food and aperitives pack : directly delivered at your place discretly at asked time, you’ll just have to hise it with a rope on your terrace. You just have then to enjoy our delicious products under the sun close to the Barse river.

Are the cabins heated ?

First of all, there is always a good temperature in our cabins, because wood is the best thermic isolator. But for the cold days or for people really sensitive to cold, there is a space heater.

Is the domain open all year long ?

No, cabins open from April to October.

Are the cabins close to each other ?

No, each cabin is placed in a way that offers you a real isolation and disorientation.

At what time can we arrive ? And when shall we leave the cabin ?

Arrivals are between 4 and 7 PM , and keys must be returned before 11am. We’d like you to give us a call when you are coming to fix an approximative arrival hour.